All you need to know about leasing a commercial property in India |

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All you need to know about leasing a commercial property in India

Leasing a commercial property in India can be a huge task as it involves a lot of complexities, unlike residential property. You will find the best commercial property in Noida that you can explore but the commercial property involves a lot of different angles to be explored. So, before going for it look for the tax implications, rentals, expected inflow and outflow of money, etc. that are involved with it.

Moreover, the lease of a commercial property is for a longer period as compared to a residential one and involves complex terms and conditions. So, one must explore different angles before leasing a commercial property that needs thorough discussion. Some of them are mentioned below.

1.Decide your purpose

Why you want to lease a commercial property is very important to understand. If it is to set up an office then the whole paradigm will be different from a retail space. So, the purpose is very important because only then you can decide on the space you need and other factors that are associated with it that can influence your decision. You will find the best retail space in Noida or office space as well that can serve your purpose. These can prove to be really profitable but firstly you need to decide on your purpose and goal.

2.Consider the budget

Considering your budget is very essential to allow you to make the decision. It is important to see how much your pocket allows you to pay. Moreover, there are other factors that need your due attention apart from the rent like the percentage of increment after a decided period, property taxes, the cost of maintenance, the insurance, the gross payment, etc.

3.The length of the lease

It is important to consider whether the lease is for a fixed period of time or it can be decreased or increased as per the need, for example- you want to go for a bigger space if your business expands or you want to move to a different location if the location is not working for you, etc. so that it does not become a bone in the throat.

4.Go through the agreement thoroughly

The agreement is a very important part of the whole process, so, you must go through it before reaching any decision. The clauses mentioned in the agreement should be thoroughly read and understood so that you do not land in any trouble after leasing the property. The agreement should be clear enough to lay down the obligations and the rights that fall in your favor or that can land you into trouble in case of disagreement. If you think that you are not able to comprehend the technicalities of the agreement then you should approach a legal advisor to understand each and every term and clause in the agreement.

5.Other expenses

There are many expenses that are related to commercial property and thus, knowing them well can help you a lot in understanding the cost you will have to bear every month. These expenses may include expenses related to utilities, wear and tear of the property that is better known as the maintenance cost, and others.

6.Check for the location

When you are leasing commercial property, the location should suit your need. So, it is imperative that you must decide on the property as per the location. If the location can attract your target clients, then it is sure to reap fruits for you. In addition to it, it is important to consider other factors like parking space, connectivity, safety, and others.

7.Negotiate well

It is your right to negotiate the price that the property owner is offering you. You can ask for concessions that can help you save a lot of money. So, make sure that you do your homework before sitting face to face for any negotiations as it will give you ample opportunity to bring the cost down.

Consider these points as an important part of your to-do list when you are looking for the best commercial property in Noida, Sector 75 as these can prove to be a important breakthrough for you to one of the most important decision.


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