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Commercial Property The Best Bet For High ROI

Investment in commercial property is undoubtedly the best bet and is gaining favor since recent years. It is the most privileged option for seeking higher returns. Where residential returns stand at an approximate rate of 3 to 4%, commercial yields...

Commercial Property in Noida
7 years ago

Advantages of Buying Serviced Apartments in Noida

Globalization has lead to a steady growth of business and travel and tourism giving rise to the concept of serviced apartments, a trend fast picking up not just in tier 1 cities but in tier 2 cities as well. There...

Serviced Apartments
7 years ago

A Quick Guide to Investing in a Commercial Property

A prosperous commercial property investment is based on an in-depth knowledge of the intricate market factors, individual financing requirements, property management alternatives, leasing settlements and a good understanding of the potential risks. Besides this, while tracking down the perfect commercial...

7 years ago

Tips to Invest in Office Space in Noida

Noida since the past few years has witnessed a dramatic increase in traditional sectors like IT/ITES, education, healthcare etc leading to the presence of more residents and working professionals in this area. This has been followed by the developments in...

office space in noida
7 years ago

Experience The Lifestyle in Noida at Spectrum@Metro

Looking for a place to add some excitement to your life? Presenting Spectrum@Metro Sector 75 Noida – An upcoming high street commercial development that infuses entertainment and retail options, kids and family escapades all under one roof. The gigantic development...

7 years ago

Location – Not the Only Price Determining Factor for Investments

Real estate has become a popular investment avenue. Although location is considered as the key factor in determining the price, there are other relevant elements that also play an equally vital role. An integration of other factors like social infrastructure,...

Spectrum Metro Mall
7 years ago

Why Buying a Commercial Shop in Noida is a Good Decision?

Commercial development in Noida has seen a transformational change making the city a hot spot and highly lucrative for investors, buyers and migrants from other cities and towns. Big business houses, start-ups and even PSU's are building permanent base in...

Commercial shop spectrum metro
7 years ago

Buy Serviced Apartments for Higher Rental Income

Serviced apartments are a rapidly growing concept in Indian urban cities and investing in them is becoming increasingly appealing, highly profitable and secure. The trend of investing in properties for a living or capital appreciation is slowly transforming to one...

Spectrum Metro serviced apartments sector 75
7 years ago

Virtual Spaces – Small Investments with Big Rentals

Real estate investments have gone through a transformational change in the past few years. Earlier people invested only in residential real estate for living or investment, whereas now the trend has changed and people are moving towards commercial real estate...

virtual spaces in sector 75 noida - spectrum metro
7 years ago


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Spectrum Metro I: Phase-1 RERA Regd. No.: UPRERAPRJ6018, Phase-2 RERA Regd. No.: UPRERAPRJ6028, Phase-3 RERA Regd. No.: UPRERAPRJ6037, Phase-4 RERA Regd. No.: UPRERAPRJ6040

Spectrum Metro II: Project RERA Regd. No. Block (B, C & D) : UPRERAPRJ17035, Block (A & E): UPRERAPRJ427696 RERA Website: www.up-rera.in | 1 Sq.mtr. = 10.764 Sq.ft. Disclosure: All specifications, designs, layout, images, conditions are only indicative and some of these can be changed as per the discretion of the builder/architect/authority. These are purely conceptual and constitute no legal offerings. *T&C Apply