Brands are the focal point of high streets and malls that attract great foot traffic

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Brands are the focal point of high streets and malls that attract great foot traffic

Going to the malls and high streets has always been a great way to spend quality time, but why do we go there primarily? The simple purpose is to shop at your favourite brands. In the last few decades, there has been a big change in the mindset of the people. People used to buy from local shops a long time ago, but with the introduction of brands and the growing craze for them, people of all age-groups and social classes are seen visiting malls and high streets to buy from their favourite brands, whether it’s clothes, shoes, handbags, or home utilities. The brand is what determines whether a high-street or mall will thrive.

The craze for brands has increased because there is a trust factor that the quality, size, fit, or design is far superior compared to the products in any local shop. Furthermore, branded clothing and accessories keep you in touch with current trends and make you look fashionable.

However, it is not only the fashion brands that attract people towards the high street and malls; the next big thing is “food.” Gone are the times when the street food was the only love of the Food lovers. Because of thepeople’s growing love for branded food joints we can aptly say, “Food is the new fashion”. With a great combination of good food and a great shopping experience, the high streets and malls are bound to see good foot traffic during the week that transforms into great ones during the weekends.It is people’s serious indulgence in the unique assortment of food that makes them come to these high-streets and malls that are flooded with connoisseurs.

The malls and high-streets are no longer be purely about shopping but other attractions in these areas have also been the gaming and kids’ zones that attracts the kids and younger generation. Though people of any age group can unleash the child in them and take pleasure in the games and fun zone, their prime focus remains on little munchkins and the youth, who are joined by their family and friends, increasing the foot traffic and creating an opportunity for other brands as well.

With numerous top fashion and clothing brands like Max, Van Heusen, Aurelia, W for women, Raymond, Vasvi, Paislei, Oswal, and BIBA, Spectrum Metro, sector 75 Noida attracts a large number of people who want to up their fashion game by styling themselves. Footwear and bag brands like Bata, Skechers, Mochi, and Baggit are also present to create an overall ensemble.

The importance of food and beverages, which has been perfectly absorbed by Spectrum Metro 75 Noida, makes an indelible impression on food lovers with celebrated food chains like Starbucks, The Barbeque Company, Float by Duty-Free, The Brewklyn Brothers, Chakravyuh, Barista, and Dominos.

The Restobars like, The Barbeque Company, Float by Duty-Free, and Chakravyuh offer mind-boggling delicacies on their platters. Moreover, they also provide great entertainment with live bands and drinks to get absorbed in the ambiance. It is a great place to be with friends and party like never before or enjoy a romantic evening with your beau.

Not only this, some newbies have made their way to the commercial space in Noida. Pop ‘n’ Fry, Hungerex, and The Metro Café are some of the eateries that have set foot at Spectrum@Metro while many are on their way to spread their flavours and become a go-to-spot for friends and families.

Amusement and fun are not far behind to keep the entertainment quotient up with popular names like SkyJumper and Smaaash, where kids and people of all age groups can chill out and dive into ecstasy enjoying their favourite games. Spectrum Metro 75, Noida, offers a complete package to the people who want to make their outing great from start to finish.

Spectrum Metro Sector 75 Noida is the new shopping and entertainment hub that is centrally located and has become a focal point for investors with the coming of new brands that offer something for everyone. Not only this, it also offers an excellent chance to the investors to invest in this lucrative commercial high street in Sector 75 and make their income escalate like never before. It has become the favourite of the investors due to its location advantage and the big brands that have paved their way to Spectrum Metro, opening doors of opportunity for the investors.


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