Spectrum Metro has become the undisputed king of hosting festivities and creating a buzz with grand celebrations

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Spectrum Metro has become the undisputed king of hosting festivities and creating a buzz with grand celebrations

Festivals fascinate us all in myriad ways. They play an important role in everyone’s life, and we all put our hearts and souls into celebrating them. Malls and high streets are quickly following in the footsteps. They have become major centers of attraction for hosting grand events during the festive seasons.

They make the whole celebration colourful and scintillating by putting in a lot of surprise elements and adding an extra dose of excitement that attracts a large mob to the malls. As mall-cum High Street becomes more popular, the festivals are being celebrated with zeal and fervor. These high-street commercials leave no stone unturned in their efforts to make these festivities memorable with grand celebrations.

Spectrum Metro is a commercial high street in Sector 75, Noida, which has become the center of attraction for people living in its close vicinity. Since its inception, they have hosted a variety of events and festivals. All the festivities in Spectrum Metro, Noida, start with beautiful and elaborate decoration that adds to the mood of the festivals, giving it an instant makeover. The whole place is decorated with lights and colourful decorations. With the changing times, the “selfie booth” has gained a lot of popularity over the years and has become a point of attraction in malls. People come and take selfies of themselves and their families to adorn their social media accounts.

People who are away from their hometowns due to jobs or studies find solace in the festivities at these malls, which make their celebrations grand. The elements and colours of festivals can be seen in the mall celebration that keeps the people rooted in their old-age traditions and customs.

Spectrum Metro has also been organising shows of famous celebrities and indulging in starry affairs by inviting Malaika Arora, Meet Bros, Jashan Singh (a Punjabi singer), and Ashok Masti (a Punjabi singer) for live shows that were attended by a large crowd during the festive season.

Talent shows like “Show Your Jalwa” and competitions for people of all age groups and genders, including Miss Punjaban, Mrs. Punjaban, and Singh is King, were hosted by Spectrum Metro, where people of all age groups got the opportunity to show their talent in front of live audiences on stage. The participants took part in these activities in large numbers with great enthusiasm, and the best ones were presented with many prizes.

People come to Spectrum Metro, Noida Sector 75, with their friends and families to have a great time. Moreover, “Tiranga Yatra” has been an important event that Spectrum Metro has hosted that was attended by a large number of people during independence. The array of fun events and activities at Spectrum Metro has been the focal point for visitors and has received huge media coverage in leading newspapers.

A sales event is being run every weekend in Spectrum Metro that is attended by investors in large numbers. It gives them the chance to explore the commercial property that offers retail shops, serviced apartments, office spaces, a Kid’s zone, and many more options to invest in. The current “Winter Carnival” scheme by Spectrum Metro offers them great gifts like holiday packages, a bike, a double door refrigerator, a 55-inch LED TV, and an iPhone 14. The investors gather at these events with their families, and apart from attending the sales event, they make the most of it by spending quality time with them and exploring the brands that give them the opportunity to shop their hearts out. They also relish mouth-watering delicacies in food joints that add a cherry to the cake.

Not only do these events and activities keep the customers engaged and excited, but it also gives them a great chance to secure their future by making an investment of a lifetime at the most sought-after commercial property in Sector 75, Noida.


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