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Brands are the focal point of high streets and malls that attract great foot traffic

Posted by on February 16 ,2023

Going to the malls and high streets has always been a great way to spend quality time, but why do we go there primarily? The simple purpose is to shop at your favourite brands. In the last few decades, there has been a big change in the mindset of the people. People used to buy from local shops a long...

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Spectrum Metro has become the undisputed king of hosting festivities and creating a buzz with grand celebrations

Posted by on January 31 ,2023

Festivals fascinate us all in myriad ways. They play an important role in everyone’s life, and we all put our hearts and souls into celebrating them. Malls and high streets are quickly following in the footsteps. They have become major centers of attraction for hosting grand events during the festive seasons. They make the whole celebration colourful and scintillating by...

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The boom in the real estate sector in FY-2023 is an inevitable process

Posted by on December 23 ,2022

The Indian real estate sector is one of the most promising sectors that would have a huge contribution to the country’s GDP by the year 2023. It has an enormous and positive impact on the country’s growth and is sure to see an upward graph. The sector that has so much to offer is sure to set new benchmarks in...

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Spectrum Metro had a successful Musical Madness Night with Meet Bros and now it’s time for the Winter Carnival

Posted by on December 02 ,2022

As winter has just knocked on our doors with freezing breezes. It's the season of hot chocolate and blazers. Taking advantage of this chance, numerous retailers, and food businesses have begun to promote their winter promotions to attract customers' attention. Spectrum Metro has planned to provide an unusual experience for its visitors like never before.  Spectrum Metro is considered the...

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All you need to know about leasing a commercial property in India

Posted by on September 02 ,2022

Leasing a commercial property in India can be a huge task as it involves a lot of complexities, unlike residential property. You will find the best commercial property in Noida that you can explore but the commercial property involves a lot of different angles to be explored. So, before going for it look for the tax implications, rentals, expected inflow...

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Common mistakes that one should avoid before investing in Real Estate

Posted by on August 18 ,2022

Real estate is a very lucrative sector that boasts of high returns on your investments. No doubt, if you have done your homework well and invested in the right property then it is sure to give you the return of your dreams but most people commit some serious errors that can prove to be really bad for them. So, we...

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Why is Spectrum Metro the best commercial property in Noida

Posted by on August 04 ,2022

Spectrum Metro is one of the most promising and innovative commercial projects that is adorning Central Noida, sector 75. The project that comes with a plethora of USPs is one of the most sought-after commercial projects in Noida. It is the best commercial property in Noida that comes with a 1-km long frontage making it one of the longest highstreet...

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Spectrum Metro brings the best Commercial Investment opportunity in Delhi NCR

Posted by on July 29 ,2022

Spectrum Metro

Investment is not only an excellent way to secure the retirement phase of life but has also become an efficient option to transform it into an earning opportunity. Though there are numerous investment options, including stock markets, short-term financial investments, buying/selling properties, etc., investing in commercial real estate has evolved as one of the most promising sectors in recent years....

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Best Commercial Property that can change the face of real-estate in Noida

Posted by on July 26 ,2022

Noida is one of the fastest-growing places in North India that is witnessing exceptional growth in terms of development. So, it has become a hot spot for commercial real estate as it is promising ample opportunities to investors. If you also want to get good returns on your savings and investment then investing in Commercial real estate is the best...

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Must-Know Real estate terms before investing in it

Posted by on June 11 ,2022

Real estate sector is one of the most booming sectors, and everyone wants to invest in it. An investment that surely fetches you great results! There are many commercial properties in central Noida that can be really fruitful in terms of investment. If you are new to this sector or planning to invest your hard-earned money to buy commercial shops...

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