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NCR Office Real Estate – The Second Most Favorable Destination for Buyers

Posted by on May 02 ,2018

commercial property noida

According to a recent study conducted on the office real estate sector in the country, the National Capital Region (NCR) observed an overall office leasing of ~7.9 million sqft in 2017, amounting to an 18% market share, next only to Bengaluru. Overall an increase of

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What Makes Noida a Hot Destination for Real Estate Investment?

Posted by on April 27 ,2018

retail shops in noida

In the last decade, if there is one destination that has encountered remarkable infrastructural development, a majority of people would name Noida as their first choice. And it is not just a fad, as there are enough reasons to back this opinion. The entire Delhi NCR region has witnessed unprecedente

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Rule Book for Commercial Real Estate Investment

Posted by on April 26 ,2018

commercial property in noida

Are you looking to channelize your money in a commercial property? If yes, it is necessary to keep in mind that investing in commercial real estate is quite different from putting money into a residential property. By making a sound investment, you can expect to yield higher returns in comparison to

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Why Road Frontage on Commercial Property is So Valuable

Posted by on April 17 ,2018

Spectrum Metro Noida

While thinking about owning any commercial property nowadays people are more focusing on those properties that are adjacent to the front road. We have observed that when a commercial project which is nearby road, its significance and value naturally enhanced. This has become a big reason why builder

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Benefits of Investing in an Office Space in Noida

Posted by on November 16 ,2017

office space in noida

Noida has been rising as the ideal business destination leading to office spaces as a safe bet for investors anticipating attractive yields. The economy is set to grow in the coming years resulting in an increase in demand for office spaces. The chang

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Why Should You Buy a Commercial Property in Noida?

Posted by on November 03 ,2017

shopping mall in noida


Investing in commercial property in Noida has been gaining demand since recent years due to a number of factors. People are now looking at commercial investment both in terms of a stable rental income and capital appreciation in future. Noida being a commercia

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Commercial Property The Best Bet For High ROI

Posted by on September 12 ,2017

Commercial Property in Noida

Investment in commercial property is undoubtedly the best bet and is gaining favor since recent years. It is the most privileged option for seeking higher returns. Where residential returns stand at an approximate rate of 3 to 4%, commercial yields fetch appro

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Guidelines to Buying Commercial Shops in Noida

Posted by on August 30 ,2017

Spectrum Metro sec 75 noida

Investing in retail shops in Noida is the new diversification of a real estate portfolio. It’s a sound investment opportunity that more and more people are considering these days. However, before investing in a retail property it is essential to budget carefully, ru

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Advantages of Buying Serviced Apartments in Noida

Posted by on August 16 ,2017

Serviced Apartments

Globalization has lead to a steady growth of business and travel and tourism giving rise to the concept of serviced apartments, a trend fast picking up not just in tier 1 cities but in tier 2 cities as well. There are a number of compelling reasons as to why this opti

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A Quick Guide to Investing in a Commercial Property

Posted by on August 14 ,2017

A prosperous commercial property investment is based on an in-depth knowledge of the intricate market factors, individual financing requirements, property management alternatives, leasing settlements and a good understanding of the potential risks. Besides this, while tracking down

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Tips to Invest in Office Space in Noida

Posted by on August 08 ,2017

office space in noida

Noida since the past few years has witnessed a dramatic increase in traditional sectors like IT/ITES, education, healthcare etc leading to the presence of more residents and working professionals in this area. This has been followed by the developments in social and c

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RERA And Its Impact On The Real Estate Sector

Posted by on August 01 ,2017

Real Estate Regulatory Authority

RERA or The Real Estate Regulatory Act is a pioneering initiative taken by the government to protect the interests of buyers, bring in transparency and make the real estate sector more customer-friendly. It contains various regulatory provisions that

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Experience The Lifestyle in Noida at Spectrum@Metro

Posted by on July 26 ,2017

Looking for a place to add some excitement to your life? Presenting Spectrum@Metro Sector 75 Noida – An upcoming high street commercial development that infuses entertainment and retail options, kids and family escapades all under one roof. The gigantic development

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Location – Not the Only Price Determining Factor for Investments

Posted by on July 22 ,2017

Spectrum Metro Mall

Real estate has become a popular investment avenue. Although location is considered as the key factor in determining the price, there are other relevant elements that also play an equally vital role. An integration of other factors like social infrast

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Why Buying a Commercial Shop in Noida is a Good Decision?

Posted by on July 17 ,2017

Commercial shop spectrum metro

Commercial development in Noida has seen a transformational change making the city a hot spot and highly lucrative for investors, buyers and migrants from other cities and towns. Big business houses, start-ups and even PSU's are building permanent base in Noida, adding value to the

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Reasons to Consider Investing in a India Serviced Apartment

Posted by on July 12 ,2017

serviced apartments in noida

With India having opened its doors to globalization, the corporate travel market has grown rapidly and is expected to increase in future. Executives frequently travel from India and abroad to business destinations and spend months working from different locations. Staying at hotels for such long ten

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Advantages of Buying a Office Spaces in Sector 75 Noida

Posted by on July 06 ,2017

Office Spaces in Sector 75 Noida

An ideal office space in a prime area purchased for self-use is the soundest business decision any organization can make. A commercial space in a prime location increases the company’s reputation and visibility. It is a visible demonstration of an organization’s commercial worth

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Commercial Space – A New High in Property Investment

Posted by on July 04 ,2017

property in sector 75 noida

India today is emerging to be a bright spot for property investments in the global arena. With the economy doing wonders and the GDP growth backed by policy initiatives it has been attracting the interests of both national and global investors towards property investment. A tradi

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Buy Serviced Apartments for Higher Rental Income

Posted by on June 28 ,2017

Spectrum Metro serviced apartments sector 75

Serviced apartments are a rapidly growing concept in Indian urban cities and investing in them is becoming increasingly appealing, highly profitable and secure. The trend of investing in properties for a living or capital appreciation is slowly transforming to one where an investmen

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GST Impact on Indian Real Estate

Posted by on June 21 ,2017

GST 2017

Real estate industry plays a crucial role as a major contributor to the GDP inevitably influencing the Indian economy. It ranks second after the agricultural sector in generating employment and triggering demand for more than 200 ancillary industries. The uplift of this sector there

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Virtual Spaces - Small Investments with Big Rentals

Posted by on June 13 ,2017

virtual spaces in sector 75 noida - spectrum metro

Real estate investments have gone through a transformational change in the past few years. Earlier people invested only in residential real estate for living or investment, whereas now the trend has changed and people are moving towards commercial real estate for higher returns. A smart investor, in

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Golden Rules for the Best Investment in Office Spaces Noida

Posted by on June 08 ,2017

office space at Spectrum@Metro sector 75

The decision of choosing the right space for your office in Noida is a crucial one. It’s important to find a place that not just matches the requirements and demands of your company, but also goes beyond that, in being adaptable and allowing for future growth. Settling on the righ

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An Ideal Location for Investment in Commercial Space

Posted by on June 06 ,2017

Spectrum Metro 75 Noida

Although residential property has always been the first choice of investors capitalizing on real estate opportunities, commercial space for investment has made a turnaround and has recently been creating waves in the realty sector. Investing in commercial space calls for a huge fina

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Noida Builder-Buyer Trust Deficit Empowered by RERA

Posted by on May 16 ,2017

Rera 2017

The real estate industry is in the cusp of regulations with the real estate regulatory bill being implemented from this month. The sector is progressing towards being more transparent with developers gearing to register their projects with the regulatory authority. The RERA law come

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